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Orlando Guiang has had a lifelong interest in photography and decided to devote more time to this art form over the last few years. The galleries featured on this website show his interest in a variety of subjects ranging from macro to landscapes. He began shooting with a Canon 40D then with a Canon 7D.  In 2015 he changed to a mirrorless camera and currently shoots with an Olympus OMD EM1.  The mirrorless cameras are lighter weight and easier to carry and he feels that he has been just as successful with capturing images as with the mirrored SLRs.  His favorite lens is the 12-50mm Zuiko but also shoots with a 60mm for macro, a 9-18 for wide angle and a 40-150mm zoom.  

Being in San Diego, gives him the unique opportunity to be surrounded by a varied landscape from the ocean to canyons and mountains in the east county. San Diego also sports a beautiful cityscape that has literally undergone a dramatic renaissance in the last 10 years creating an interesting backdrop for any photographer. Orlando also enjoys the opportunity to capture many scenes when he travels and examples are seen in the galleries as well. In May of 2009, Orlando won the Grand Prize in a photo contest sponsored by Hansen's Soda!!!
Orlando Guiang is a practicing Doctor of Optometry in the San Diego area. He attended San Diego State University and graduated with a degree in Biology in 1988. He went onto the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago where he earned his doctorate in 1992. He established his practice, Mira Mesa Optometry in 1997 and serves the Mira Mesa area, a community in San Diego.

“This website is all about following your passion. I’ve been blessed with professional success as an optometrist. With the encouragement from family and friends I’m now exploring and expanding my creative side. I hope you enjoy what you see here.”