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Black and White images can be very powerful and expressive. As a photographer one looks to highlight contrast here.

In this gallery are my attempts at taking monochrome images. When I take B&W pictures, I shoot with the black and white setting on versus capturing the scene in color and converting it later. I specifically try to look for settings that I think will look good as a monochromatic image. Not all scenes make good B&W pictures. This makes it more challenging for me.

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Motion at PB PierUnder the PierMorning Sun and SurfersThe Two SurfersUrban WaterfallFishermen near the pierThe FishermanTwo of a kindFishing DayThe Lone BoatSailboat AwaitsBoat in FogBoat in Still WaterBoat RowSticks in WaterSunset in Black and WhiteEmergenceMan and  BirdsThe CoupleHand In Hand

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I love and used to shoot only BW. These are all great images. Well done.
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